Capodopera – Documentar

Capodopera – Documentar

Project Description

With a peak of 426,000 people watching, this documentary was a real success.

A revealing documentary about the man Aurelian Preda behind the artist’s mask.

After his passing away, at the age of 47, many questions remained about the heirs and the legacy he left.

Confessions for the first time, people who have so far been in the shadows come to complete a portrait of the artist other than what was painted by him.

With the will of Aurelian Preda we want to open a collection of documentaries, unique in the Romanian media, which will include many other revelations and facets of artists’ portraits, who tried during their lives to keep their personal lives hidden from the public who loved them.

There are investigative documentaries, there are extremely emotional passages, there are images from the premiere of personal life, there are documents that will be presented to the public for the first time and that will change or strengthen the perception of artists that the audience applauds every time they go on stage. .


This time they will appear in front of the public on the stage of their own lives!


A masterpiece production in collaboration with Publicite Media

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