Dentiq – Atelier de Zambete

Dentiq – Atelier de Zambete

Project Description

Dentiq was born from a friendship of over 10 years and a constant interest in everything new in dentistry in the world, innovations that can bring patients comfort, health, efficiency and ease in following dental medical treatments.

The story of our collaboration began with a presentation video. We continued with a series of 4 “Must-Know” videos on dentistry and pedodontics. Then another series… and another series… and another

We can’t remember exactly how many series we did but we remember how many things we learned from these testimonials. Did you know that decayed and untreated baby teeth can affect permanent teeth?

Useful information that is very helpful to all people, regardless of age.

And to complete the list, after these testimonials, we started a series of SocialMedia Marketing campaigns, campaigns that proved to be more than beneficial.

Thank you Dentiq for your trust!

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    Dentiq - Atelier de Zambete

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